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Capenwray- Jackdaw Quarry

Max. depth: 24 m
Minimum grade: Novice
Currents: None

Whether you are a highly experienced diver or just starting out in this incredible sport, Capernwray offers the finest freshwater diving in the UK. Our underwater features:

  • Exceptional visibility and the second cleanest recreational bathing water in the UK (that’s official!).
  • The finest stock of fish in any diving Centre, anywhere! Huge shoals of roach and perch, together with vast numbers of extremely friendly trout (!) and of course, our world-famous sturgeons, two of which are six feet long.
  • Purpose-designed training platforms at depths from 2 metres to 12 meters to satisfy every training requirement.
  • Jetty with two piers for deep-water entry to simulate hard boat recovery.
  • Concrete slipway for entry/exit to training area platforms.
  • Two clear, buoyed and graduated training areas with two non-slip platforms positioned in 2 and 6 metres of water.
  • Underwater cave to simulate lining-out techniques for wreck / cave diving.
  • Numerous underwater attractions.
Site Location Approx. dist from shop Parking / Entry Fee Facilities
Capernwray Jackdaw Quarry, Capernwray Rd. Over Kellet, Carnforth


115m / 2hrs 15min £20 pp cash or card Food, toilets, changing facilities
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