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Scubapro Mk25 Evo/S620 Ti

Scubapro Mk25 Evo/S620 Ti




Scubapro Mk25 Evo/S620 Ti
The Scubapro MK25 EVO S620Ti Regulator brings together the flagship high performance balanced piston MK25 first stage with the S620Ti second stage which features a smaller housing design and lightweight titanium valve inlet tube than its predecessor, the S600.

 The MK25 is Scubapro's premium first stage featuring a balanced through-flow piston design that is capable of delivering unbelievable gas flow rates regardless of depth, cylinder pressure or breathing rate. The first stage uses a combination of anti-freeze coatings and components to meet and surpass the requirements for cold water rating without the need to pack the balancing chamber with silicone grease. The MK25 is fitted with four low pressure high flow ports around the outside of a swivelling turret and a fifth port on the end that provides optimal hose routing for technical diving. Two high pressure ports are situated on the main body.

The S620Ti second stage is an evolution of the S600 but features a new titanium valve inlet tube that is lighter and corrosion resistant as well as a smaller housing design that utilises the same diaphragm as the S600 for outstanding performance. The second stage uses a pneumatically balanced valve design for a smooth breathe that can be tailored by adjusting the inhalation effort control knob. There is also a lever to adjust the venturi effect with the housing, allowing it to be switched to Pre-Dive for water entry and reduced risk of freeflow or Dive mode for optimal performance and gas flow to the mouthpiece.

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