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AP SMB and Reel
AP SMB and Reel AP SMB and Reel

AP SMB and Reel




AP Self sealing SMB & Beaver Puffin 40m Reel (RRP £72) Sale Price £60


Being seen matters! Paired with the 1.4m tall AP Valves self-sealing SMB that can easily be spotted from a distance, the Beaver Puffin Reel line makes an ideal combination for UK boat and beach diving. The SMB can be rolled tight and held with bungee against the reel, making one compact unit during your dive and an easy way to launch.  The reel itself with quick release stainless-steel retaining clip and thumb-operated ratchet is compact-sized with 40ms of high strength nylon line with a breaking strain of over 80kgs making it ideal for identifying locations, marking routes and deploying Surface Marker Buoys.

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