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Cylinder Testing

All cylinders are tested on-site in our workshop to IDEST Standards. Cylinders require a visual test 2.5 years from date of manufacture (stamped on cylinder). Tested cylinders are stamped with the appropriate date. From this date the cylinder then require a full hydrostatic test after further 2.5 years; this process is an ongoing cycle every 2.5 years.
If you have any problem regarding dating cylinders or what test is need bring them into the shop and one of the technicians will be more than happy to help.

Oxygen Clean

If a cylinder is to be used for Nitrox then the cylinder must be oxygen clean due to the gas blending process. This can be done at anytime but is cheaper done at the time of test. Once the cylinder has been oxygen cleaned it is oxygen standard and lasts for 15 months. The cylinder will have specific oxygen clean decals and contents stickers so that you can distinguish it from a normal air cylinder.


Visual Test & Valve Service £35.00
Hydrostatic Test & Valve Service £45.00
Internal Shot Blast £20.00
02 Clean at time of test £17.50
02 Clean £25.00
Replacement M25 Valve £42.00
Replacement M25 Valve (300bar) £45.00
Twin Set Strip & Build £15.00
Valve Service £15.00
Valve Removal/Fitting £10.00
Pony-clamp Strip £6.00


24 HR turnaround (subject to pre-booking) £10.00

N.B. Twin set strip down will incur extra cost and manifold will incur a valve service charge

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