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Philippines: Malapascua/Exotic Resort & Moalboal/Kasai Village Resort Nov 2020


Moalboal is quiet town just over 3 hours south of Cebu City and International Airport. Along the Moalboal
coastline is one long wall, bottoming out at about 40m; here you will find dive sites with stunning hard
coral formations and walls covered in life. Just a short ride away is Pescador island, with the southern
point in particular alive with fish life. Green turtles are common place and are pretty tolerant of divers,
which makes for some great pics

Malapascua is the only place in the world where divers can predictably see thresher sharks. The sharks
come up from the deep for a clean on Monad Shoal and itís not uncommon to see many individuals
during one dive. Plus, there are great day trips to Robinson Crusoe style Kalanggaman Island and Gato
Island, where you dive throught tunnel and see the whitetip reef sharks.
Exotic Resort was the first to start diving with Thresher sharks. The dive centre is a friendly and well run
operation and youíll have our own dive boat so you can go wherever you like, whenever we like! The
resort is perfectly located right on the picturesque white sand Bounty Beach. The restaurants menu is so
big it has been made into a hard back book – do not expect to lose weight on this holiday!

Saturday, 21 November 20 Depart Newcastle
Sunday, 22 November 20 Arrive Cebu, transfer to Henry Hotel, Cebu City
Monday, 23 November 20 Depart Cebu City, transfer to Malapascua, dive PM
Tuesday, 24 November 20 Malapascua Exotic – Dive Day 2
Wednesday, 25 November 20 Malapascua Exotic – Dive Day 3
Thursday, 26 November 20 Malapascua Exotic – Dive Day 4
Friday, 27 November 20 Malapascua Exotic – Dive Day 5
Saturday, 28 November 20 Malapascua Exotic – Dive Day 6
Sunday, 29 November 20 Depart Malapascua, transfer to Moalboal
Monday, 30 November 20 Kasai Village – Dive day 1
Tuesday, 1 December 20 Kasai Village – Dive day 2
Wednesday, 2 December 20 Kasai Village – Dive day 3
Thursday, 3 December 20 Kasai Village – Dive day 4
Friday, 4 December 20 Kasai Village – Dive day 5
Saturday, 5 December 20 Depart Moalboal, transfer to Cebu Airport, depart Philippines
Sunday, 6 December 20 Arrive Newcastle


Cost of trip Diver, twin share: £2,995

Cost of trip Non Diver, twin share: £2,195


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