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Enriched Air Diver Course 22 Sept

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Date: Sept 22nd Location: The Diving Centre Timings: 10:30-2:30

The Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular speciality with it allowing you stay in the water longer, get back in the water sooner and feel lest tired after a day’s diving!

Enriched air contains less Nitrogen by increasing the percentage of oxygen in the air you breathe and therefore increase you no stop decompression time. The Enriched Air course will qualify you to use 40% Oxygen. With the increase percentage of oxygen there are special procedures to consider with: equipment, handling, dive planning and emergency procedures to consider which the course will cover.

The course is classroom based at the diving centre. There is also a self study theory book to work through before the class with knowledge reviews and a short test at the end to confirm your understanding of the material. There will be a practical workshop of how to use an analyser to determine the enriched air mix and also how to mark up a tank.

The cost is £75 which includes materials and certification. To book please call on 0191 537 2722 or pop in the shop. Refreshments will also be provided.
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