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Air and Nitrox Fills

Air Fills

Air is available to 300 bar. Our air exceeds requirements for recreational and technical diving. The air is tested every 3 months for purity and is displayed in the compressor room. The filling of cylinders is under the guidance of HSE and only cylinders in test and conforming to these standards can be filled.


232 bar 300 bar
3l £3.50 £4.50
7l-12l £5.00 £6.00
15l £6.00 N/A

Nitrox Fills

Nitrox is available from 22% through to 100%. Cylinders have to conform to HSE specifications and must be in test and in oxygen service. Customers will also have to bring with them their certification for their first Nitrox fill. Nitrox can only be issued to those people who have proof of certification and only fills to that level can be taken.

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